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"Tin" Ceiling Panels

Tin Ceiling Panels

Heavy-duty presses were used in the heyday of tin ceilings to stamp popular patterns into sheets of steel. Though not made from actual aluminum tin, ceiling panels were most likely termed in this way because the sheets of metal were so thin. These panels were fireproof, durable alternatives to the more expensive plaster or wood, and so were installed throughout North America.

Now, more than 100 years later, old tin ceiling tiles have finally succumbed to the elements and wear and tear that comes with the passage of time, and they are either being refurbished or replaced.

Historical preservation efforts often call for custom panels, and Architectural Metal Concepts can handle jobs like this. We also have in stock commonly ordered designs, perfect for embellishing an interior space with the charm and durability of this material.

See what is already available by viewing our store or brochure, or found on our main website, then contact us if you need something special. Just as they were back in the late 1800s, tin ceiling panels are affordable. Call for a quote to see what will work for you.

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"Tin" Ceiling Tiles, Mirrors, Art

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Because we're more than just a supply house and can fabricate metal items to order, we've had the opportunity to do more than standard tin ceiling tiles or stainless steel backsplashes. See our gallery for examples of our metal sculpture and other more artistic work. Note the custom engraving available on stainless steel backsplash tiles. Finally, view the specs on our tin mirrors, available in any size you need and framed with any of our tin tiles. Our artists can build and paint these to your specifications and create one or many to complement the design motifs in our interior space, whether commercial or residential.

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