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In today's world of home improvement, it's all about value. You look for the best materials and artisanship, seek experienced customization, and dream of a product that comes closest to the concept you have in mind. Underlying all of these factors is cost. If you've been looking for stainless steel countertops that meet these expectations, contact us here at Architectural Metal Concepts, LLC, where a team of artisans and experienced countertop builders are ready to provide value. See our firm's website,, and select Products>Stainless Counter Details, to learn how we are unique. With 14-gauge stainless steel, computer software controlled fabrication, and full penetrating welds during installation, you won't find a better deal.

Shot-blast, satin, swirl, embossed and matte finishes are available on all stainless steel countertops. Combined with ogee, raised-edged, bull-nose and eased or square edging, with a thickness range from 1 ¼ to 6 inches, you'll be able to specify exactly what you want. We can even add a marine edge (see the site page or contact us to learn more about this labor saver!)

Need a curved or uniquely shaped countertop? We can do that. Have an unusual idea for integrating a special sink into your stainless countertop? We have the experience and capability to handle it. Contact us for details.

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Zinc Countertop or Sink

If you're looking for the "living finish" and rustic charm of zinc, we can customize a countertop or sink for you. Any size, shape, applied with a full penetrating weld, both sides: this is a countertop treatment that will last a lifetime.

Many homeowners are opting to include a zinc countertop in their kitchens for many reasons. It's a softer metal and thus can be shaped along its edges. The pale bluish gray patina that develops with time and exposure brings character and warmth to any central living space, while polishing this unique metal lets you retain its original soft sheen.

Details on finishes, edges, designs and integral sinks are provided on our main website. Select the online catalog option for more images and information on zinc countertop and sink options. You may also contact us directly by phone, fax or email.

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