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Stainless Steel, Cleaners & Sealants

How do you know when you've found the kind of quality that's worth an investment of your hard-earned dollars? One way is to pay attention to the seller's end-to-end philosophy. A seller who cares not only about your purchase but also about the materials used to create the product in the first place and the long-term integrity and protection of that item is most likely selling a product worth protecting.

It's that way with Architectural Metal Concepts (AMC). We're serious about providing our customers with the best of the best in everything from commercial stainless countertops to residential copper range hoods. We supply, design and manufacture specialty metal products, working directly with you or with your contractor or designer.

So it follows that we are committed to the longest life of what you purchase through us. You'll understand better by browsing our full line of glass, granite, marble and stainless steel cleaners and sealants and other sophisticated protective products. All are developed to bond with your new or not-so-new residential or commercial items on a molecular level. What does this mean? Simply put, these stainless cleaners and other cleaners/sealants are designed to react with the surface for which they're intended.

Read more to find out how to use them and how they work. We'll focus on our stainless steel cleaners, for simplicity's sake, but don't hesitate to see what else is on our "shelves," and contact us if you have questions.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

For more than 30 years, we have been working with stainless steel, providing it to many clients and customizing stainless solutions. We know the best features and the few limits of this material and we only use the product featured here for cleaning stainless steel. Available in a home-sized kit, this lets you thoroughly clean stainless and chrome and, once completely cleaned, lets you seal it for up to three years. With proper use and maintenance, this type of treatment will both ensure the longest life and the best appearance of your countertop, range hood or other item. Cleaning stainless steel and keeping it beautiful with minimal effort has never been smarter or simpler.