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Stainless Steel Backsplashes

Stainless Steel Backsplashes

Contact us. After you've viewed our Backsplash Catalog and have spotted some stainless steel backsplash tile options that appeal to you, we invite you to call or email us here in Ridgewood, NJ. After 30 years of providing architectural metallic products to homeowners and businesses in the area and to customers across the United States, we've become attuned to the selection process and are ready to answer your questions. If you don't live close enough to stop in our showroom, you can sketch your idea or submit a photo image by fax or email. We'll custom create our stainless steel backsplashes to your specifications.

When you place your stainless steel backsplash tile order, you can request a metal-only version. Produced in a thicker gauge, these tiles can be installed directly. Alternately, tiles for stainless steel backsplashes can be ordered at a slightly lighter grade and mounted on a substrate (1/4" thickness) for simple, durable installation.

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Customers typically need assistance with a few other tasks prior to ordering and installation. Measuring accurately is vital and we're happy to help you get it right. We can work with you or your dealer/contractor to do so. Templating, a related task, allows for an exact fit and is best done using our standard procedure. Contact us to find out more. We also install. Whether you've ordered a stainless backsplash, tin ceiling panels, copper countertop or custom designed hood, we can work with your contractor or directly with you.

We encourage our customers to work with a designer. It's certainly not required; we're happy to fill any order. But in our experience, enlisting the help of an interior designer yields more satisfying results. Contact us if you seek assistance in finding a designer in your area.

If you are a contractor and are new to Architectural Metal Concepts, welcome. We look forward to partnering with you and welcome you to our pool of participating professionals.

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