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Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner, Backsplash Tiles

stainless steel appliance cleaner

One of the nice things about metal is its versatility. View our Backsplashes page to see what we mean. AMC backsplashes can be made from our many styles of stainless, copper, bronze and zinc tiles, or you can use the full range of metal panels available here.

If you wonder about maintenance and don't plan to have lots of spare time to clean and maintain your copper, bronze or stainless steel, cleaners and sealants developed with nanotechnology present the ideal solution and they're available here. You can purchase your stainless steel appliance cleaner and sealant kit here (ideal for all stainless steel and chrome, appliance to backsplash), or you can opt for factory sealant treatment. It's easy to price this option. You just calculate square footage (length multiplied by width) and divide by 144. Factory nano treatment will reduce the need for stainless steel cleaners without altering the appearance of your tiles, allowing you to save your container of stainless steel appliance cleaner for sprucing up your stovetop or refrigerator.

You may have questions about this treatment or the kits available here. Please let us know. We're a service-based business and are always happier when we can make life a little easier for our customers.

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Best Stainless Steel Cleaner, Tiles, Countertops

There's a good reason that the North American tradition of tin ceilings is as popular today as it was in its heyday, back in the mid to late 1800s. Originally used to mimic more costly European carved, molded plasterwork, artistic tin ceilings presented depth and complexity while allowing for variations. They could be painted to resemble the more expensive plasterwork, fashioned with copper for an intriguing, variable appearance, or lacquered for a glossier look. These options exist today with the addition of finish options provided by the factory.

Similar to the sealants created by the makers of the best stainless steel cleaner on the market today, applying these coatings before installation simplifies and protects.

We encourage you to take a leisurely browse through both our online store pages full of metal panels and to also select the TINPANELS link, then download the Metal Ceiling Catalog for a full-color tour. And contact us if you have questions.

You may be working with a contractor, in which case you won't need to worry about tools and accessories. However, these items are available to help you if you prefer to do it yourself. Just as we provide stainless cleaners and sealants and other companion products, we have available everything from the ceiling grid kit to cutting shears to make installing your tin panels easier.

Another perennial favorite, whether for residential or commercial applications, is the stainless steel countertop. Select the link to our main archmetalconcepts website, go to Products>Countertops and select the bolded links for more information on these countertops and details about the nano sealer, produced by those who also supply us with the best stainless steel cleaner you'll find anywhere. These products take the best benefits of having stainless steel countertops and improve upon them. Stainless cleaners and sealants that work on a molecular level will protect your investment and maintain its beauty.

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