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Spring Hold Down Clips

Price: $34.05 Sold only with order of Ceiling Panels!
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Item Number: S-HDC
Installing our panels in a drop ceiling? These ceiling hold down clips are designed to hold down your tin ceiling when installing a drop-in grid system. (suspended ceiling, drop-ceiling, etc.) One Box Covers Approx. 50 2 x 2 panels or 25 2 x 4 panels (200 sq. ft.) A ceiling hold down clip for mounting on an inverted T-shaped rib of a grid-type ceiling structure, for holding the ceiling tiles in place. The clip comprises spaced leg portions which are adapted to overlie the tile and at least one foot portion projecting outwardly from the leg portion for either digging into the underlying tile and anchoring it in place or engaging the adjacent edge surface of the underlying tile in the event the tile is cut short, to maintaining it in position.

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