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Backspash - Industrial Pattern

Price: Starting at $99.00

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Plywood Backing:
This pattern is a clone of the diamond plate pattern used on trucks and flooring. With our satin finish, it creates an exceptional look in modern kitchens.Top quality 22gauge satin stainless steel. Available in standard sizes or we can produce your backsplash to the exact dimension you require. Plywood backing is available as an option with finished edges on both sides. Prices for custom sized backsplashes are by the SQUARE FOOT. You can order by entering the quantity in square feet rounded up: a backsplash 39 inches by 41" would be 12 square feet (39 x 41 divided by 144 equals 11.104 sqft rounded up to 12) Custom sizes will receive an email confirmation requiring a response with the exact dimensions. All backsplashes are made to order.

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