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Complete Cleaning Kit for Stainless Steel

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Designed to be used on stainless steel all stainless steel appliances, panels, exhaust hoods and counter tops. Create an easy to clean stainless steel surface that no longer requires special cleaners and polishes to maintain. Keeps stainless steel and chrome looking shiny and new! The cleaner even removes minor scratches! Easy to remove fingerprints and dirt with a only a damp cloth. Resists oil and grease too! Does not change or alter the texture or finish of the product. UV stable, will not discolor or peel. Used and maintained properly, your sealed surface will last up to 3 years! We have been distributing and fabricating stainless steel for over 30 years. This is the only product we use. The home size kit includes everything you need to clean and protect up to 100 square feet (a complete kitchen) of stainless steel or chrome.  The commercial kit treats up to  1000 square feet! Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back! CLICK THIS LINK TO JUMP TO 386 NANOTECH FOR MORE INFORMATION    386nanao

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