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Bear Creek Bronze products were initially made available to residential and commercial customers in 2000, but this manufacturer that has quickly gained the attention and appreciation of designers and individuals everywhere is by no means a new company. In fact, makers of the unique tiles now incorporated into metal backsplashes in homes and commercial interiors originally began operations back in the early 1920s. Known as the National Aluminum Brass Foundry, Inc., this company specialized in sand castings for brass, aluminum and bronze. For many decades, only those in the electrical and automotive industries were able to benefit from the casting expertise of these skilled artisans. Today, of course, it's different.

We invite you to view your many options from Bear Creek Bronze as you plan your metal tile backsplash. You can browse the many tiles on our storefront website or explore further by clicking on the link that takes you directly to the Bear Creek Bronze manufacturer's website.

To order, just contact us, and we'll be happy to provide you with a competitive price quote.

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Stainless Steel Backsplashes

AMC 15-Year Warranty

View Architectural Metal Concepts options for metal backsplashes, keeping in mind as you browse this and our main website that we offer a 15-year warranty on our products.

Not only do we guarantee that all bronze, copper and zinc tiles are made of the best materials and to the highest standards, but also we offer a advanced "nano" sealant option that will eliminate the need for upkeep on your metal tile backsplash.

Finally, you can turn to AMC for multiple design features for your residential or commercial kitchen, including countertops, tin ceilings, backsplashes, panels, range hoods and inserts, and even skylights. With the help of a qualified designer and the production agility available here, you can completely outfit your kitchen with elements that harmonize and complement.

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