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Kitchen Stainless Steel Backsplash

Kitchen Stainless Steel Backsplash

Every backsplash and panel sold by Architectural Metal Concepts is tailor-made to your specifications. Though we stock standard designs, accurately mimicking historical patterns, we also design and manufacture custom kitchen backsplash tiles. Capabilities at AMC go far beyond the kitchen, however. Because we're outfitted with the tools and equipment to do just about anything, your vision of a copper, bronze, brass or other metal tile configuration can be brought to life. We provide the following techniques to take customization to a new level, whether you are planning a kitchen stainless steel backsplash as the perfect foil for your cooktop, or a gorgeous copper backsplash for your countertops, to energize the kitchen space as no other design feature can.
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Kitchen Backsplash Tiles: Techniques

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

As mentioned earlier, you have access through Architectural Metal Concepts to our satin finish kitchen stainless steel backsplash tiles, available in stock sizes. (See the brochure for dimension details.) You can also order from a selection of design panels, many of which are produced by hand. These patterns can be viewed in the brochure and can be made into any size of panel. Beyond these options, AMC specialists can provide the following techniques (pick one, two or all three!) to heighten the aesthetic appeal and even improve on corrosion resistance:

  • Color-Tex - Adding an extra degree of protection, Color-Tex embeds color onto the stainless steel surface of kitchen backsplash tiles. This option is available with other choices in texture and finish. See the brochure display of Color-Tex applied to patterned tiles. The range of finishes is virtually unlimited.
  • Bead Blast - When a matte finish is preferred, AMC offers Bead Blast. It's a controlled artistic process using abrasive media. See the brochure for results when this technique is applied to colored metal tiles.
  • Metal-Art - Thirty years manipulating metals has informed artisanship at AMC, where this etching service results in one-of-a kind tiles. You can send us your unique design, to be implemented with this technique, or choose from one of our standard patterns.

If you have something in mind and are interested in some help arriving at a fully formed concept, let us help. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to hear your ideas and provide the input needed to come to just the right design decision. We look forward to helping you get the great backsplash you want.

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