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Whether you are renovating or building a kitchen and looking for multiple custom built products or you simply need one item, we can work with you or your contractor or designer. We value original ideas and fresh concepts and are as flexible as some of the metals we shape for our clients into backsplash tiles, counter tops and more.

Read on for details about one of these softer metals, copper, to find out how we custom build copper counter tops and custom copper sinks. Then contact us, when the time is right, to discuss your options and get a quote. We are committed to providing prompt, responsive customer service, and look forward to showing you how great it is to work with the specialists at Architectural Metal Concepts, LLC.

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Copper counter tops and integral sinks made of this same material are appreciated by many for the unique aesthetic enrichment they provide. Highly antimicrobial yet malleable in both form and finish, copper is practical and visually rich. At AMC, we can finish your copper counter tops according to your unique design ideas, also providing undermount or integral copper sinks for a seamless appearance.

We also handle bronze, a material that's seeing great interest in commercial and home interior design. Patinas vary and applications are broad. We'll fashion a countertop for your kitchen, including an integral sink, or you can add really make an impression with a bronze bar for your restaurant or reception area.

We offer 30 years of experience, access to high-grade metal materials and in-house talent, and results that reflect advanced expertise, tools and technology. Working with us really opens up possibilities for your home or office. Add some serious flair to your design. Contact us at Architectural Metal Concepts, LLC, for your metal product, design and installation needs.

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